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TREAT User Guide

The Guide for Irradiation Experiments in TREAT provides prospective experimenters with initial guidance and requirements for performing experiment irradiations in the Transient Reactor Test (TREAT) Facility. The guide provides technical requirements for materials inserted into the TREAT reactor and the conditions that apply with the associated process for conducting an irradiation experiment.

The general guidance included here is intended to provide experimenters the basics necessary for concept development and initial feasibility discussions. Additional information will be provided upon request to support experiment planning. This general guide is not intended to address every aspect and scenario of potential experiments. An experienced team at INL and TREAT will work with experimenters to finalize experiment development and ensure full compliance with all requirements.

The table below provides an overview of the experiment process starting with initial contact between the experimenter and the INL/TREAT team regarding the experiment and ending with the final disposition of an experiment. Each step in the process is explained in detail in the indicated sections of the guide.

Experimenters can request additional information by email ( or by calling (208) 526-4644. 

Experiment Process Table.png