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Mk IV Sodium Loop

                        Mk IV Sodium Loop.png


Mission statement

Provide an irradiation vehicle that allows integral-scale testing of fuel pins and small bundles in the presence of flowing liquid metal.


System description

Based heavily on a historically successful series of flowing sodium loops used in TREAT (the Mk-series loops), the modern liquid metal loop will be modernized to meet current needs for advanced liquid metal cooled reactors. This compact loop, enabled by electromagnetic pumping technology, provides forced convection cooling for single pins, multiple pins in individual flow tubes, or 7-pin bundles to permit test trains that are highly instrument-focused, test multiple specimens simultaneously, or evaluate bundle scale failure progression, respectively. Modernized instrumentation pairs with TREAT's fast neutron hodoscope to provide unparalleled in situ data crucial for the development and licensing of advanced liquid-metal-cooled reactors.

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